Rainy Day Shakedown

“It’s raining. Quick, put on your bike clothes,” Anne said, waking me.

On our last rainy day ride, we discovered that even though we had rain gear for Ruth, and a fender on my bike, it wasn’t enough to keep Ruth from getting immediately soaked and covered with road grime. Hase makes a rain fairing for the trailer, but it’s discontinued. Luckily, we were able to get the last one from the warehouse in Germany.

It arrived on Monday. With rain in the forecast for this weekend, we knew we had to take it out. My brother is visiting, too, so we didn’t want to go out for long. When it started to rain, we grabbed the opportunity.

Of course, by the time we were actually ready, it had mostly stopped. We decided to go anyways, so we could see how well the spray guard works.

Fortunately, it seems to work really well.  Ruth’s feet got a bit wet, but her torso stayed dry.  Then, on the road, it started raining again. The fairing still did its job well.

We went out to the base of Dumbarton Bridge, with the idea of testing with some wind. We definitely found some. I felt it a bit, but it seemed manageable.

All in, a successful test. I’m confident now that we can handle rain without putting both kids in the trailer. Ruth seemed to enjoy being in her little green rocket ship.