Christmas Eve Soaker

We decided we wanted to get a ride in before the new year. Rain was in the forecast, so we figured it would be a chance to see how well the rain gear worked with the trailers, especially since Ruth is pretty exposed in the Hase. We also had library books to return.

We bundled up, including Ruth’s rain pants, rain jacket, and rain booties, and headed out for a simple Mission loop. Within a mile, it started raining.

After a bit, on the turnoff for the Alameda Creek Trail, we stopped to check on Ruth. She was pretty wet. It seems that my rear fender isn’t long enough, so my wheel was kicking up water on her. Water had run down the top of her rain jacket, and her gloves were soaked.

Well, as we told her, that’s why we’re doing these rides – so we can figure out what works and what doesn’t. We took off her outer layers and put her next to Max in the double Chariot to get warm.

As we continued on the ride, it rained on and off. We got to the Niles library and figured out they didn’t have a book drop, and the library was closed.

At this point, we looked at the time, and decided to cut back home early.  The rest of the ride would alternate between rain and sunshine.

The rain gear worked pretty well for keeping us grown ups warm and dry-ish.  Max and Ruth seemed to be having a good time on the double trailer, although I don’t think Anne appreciated the extra weight.

Now we need to figure out a better rain strategy. Longer fender? Rain fairing for the Hase? Plan to double up in the Chariot, and redistribute the rest of the weight somehow?