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Final prep

Tomorrow we start driving towards Vancouver.  That makes today the final prep day.

The route was already locked down.  We loaded all 39 days (plus 2 days with alternates) into Anne’s Garmin.  I’ve also prepared printed cue sheets, which can be easier to see what’s coming, and doubles as a backup.  It comes to almost 100 third-sheet pages.  I expect we’ll ditch each days’ as we complete them.

Everything we're bringing
Everything we’re bringing

Our pack list has also been pretty well locked down, but we needed to do final assembly, and get Ruth to tell us exactly what clothes she wanted to bring.  When you spread it out, it looks pretty big.  Really it’s pretty bare bones.  Two sets of bike clothes, rain/cold gear for everybody, one set of street clothes for the grown ups and two or three for the kids (since they don’t wear lycra on the bike).  Then a pile of food, first aid, and tools and spares to deal with whatever issues may come our way.

We also had to pack two other sets of bags: one for the drive up to Vancouver, and another for after the ride.

Finally, we weighed everything.  It sure does add up.

Lucas Anne
Front panniers 27.6 lbs
Rear panniers 26.3
Bare bike 33.6 33.4
On bike gear (includes food, pump, helmet, lights, water, etc) 11.2 21.0
Bare trailer 29.8 28.6
On trailer gear 11.8 27.4
Kid in trailer 44.0 27.5
Loaded trailer 85.6 83.5
Total non-rider 184.3 137.9
Rider 273.8 151.4
Total 458.1 lbs 289.3 lbs

As we thought, Max’s trailer ends up a little lighter than Ruth’s, but not by much. Most of the weight difference (excluding the rider) comes from the panniers.

My coworker, Mohamed, very kindly offered to watch our cats for us while we’re away. We dropped them off last weekend. I’ve heard reports that they’re still hiding during the day, but exploring at night. They’re also making friends with Mohamed’s dog. Maybe.

New friends
New friends

Tomorrow we can stop preparing and start implementing. There are still two days of driving ahead of us before we can start biking, though.

Frequently asked questions

So what’s all this about a tour?

We’ve been talking about biking the west coast since the last day of the Oregon Cascades tour three years ago, and have been planning in earnest since last summer.  Next Monday, we roll out from Vancouver, BC, and start riding to San Diego, CA.  The route is about 1,900 miles and 94,000 feet of climbing.  We’re planning on 39 moving days plus 9 rest days.

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