Coyote Hills Loop

Max asked for a birthday bike ride. Ruth wanted to do a ride on her own bike, which gave us an excuse to let Max ride in the Hase trailer.

As we got started, it was clear it would be a windy day. Our typical route here is an out-and-back into the bay, where the wind would be the strongest. Instead, we did a loop around one of the hills. There was still wind, but we were in the shadow of the hill for some of it.

Ruth was challenged by some of the hills. She mostly rides on the streets and sidewalks in the neighborhood, which are quite flat. She also a single speed. She had to walk for one early one, but made it to the top of the rest.

Max was quite amused by helping Daddy on the hills. We had to adjust the trailer to be quite a bit shorter for his shorter legs. We didn’t quite get the tension on the chain right, and it came out of its track at least once. Always learning.

Later in the day, Ruth said that she hoped that sometime we could do a bike trip with hotels where she could ride her own bike. I hope so too.

This is likely the last group ride we do before the short tour we’re doing in East Oregon this summer. We haven’t done nearly as much training as we’ve done in the past. I’m confident we can get it done, but it’ll be interesting to see how much we exhaust ourselves.