Sutter Creek Day Two

Last night, we discussed whether to bail on day two, mostly due to heat. This morning we decided to go for it. The forecast was a bit cooler, but more importantly, the route was shorter, with less overall climbing, and more descending to break up the climbs.

We manage to pack the car and check out of the hotel and still get rolling as about the same time as yesterday, which was a major achievement in itself.

Today’s ride had a short climb at the beginning, then a nice long descent. The rest of the ride would be climbing to make up for that early fun.

It started off pretty well, with nice rolling hills. We spent some time on larger highways, which was somewhat less fun. For most of it, there were large enough shoulders, although with varying condition. Descending Highway 49 was kind of exciting. There was no shoulder, so we took the lane. There was a stream of cars behind us, who wanted to pass. We were going 30, though, so it wasn’t easy for them. It was only a mile or so before we turned, at Drytown.

That’s when the climbing got a lot tougher. It got pretty steep, and the heat was building. We spent some time walking, and some riding. We eventually got to another descending bit, which was quite nice. We passed a 12 year old girl riding a horse down the street, before it was time to go back up.

At the top, there was an abandoned mine shaft, complete with the structure for the elevator. We rode along the ridge line, then descended into Amador City.

Once through the small town, we started working on the final climb. Once again, it was rough. As we got closer to the top, I could tell Anne was really struggling. I asked Ruth if she wanted to walk with us, then Anne could push my bike (with an empty trailer), and I would take hers (with Max). Ruth was excited to be walking, and after a bit asked if she could help. Anne had her push on the trailer, which supercharged things. They got to the top, them Ruth came back to help me.

It was amazing. I suspect the novelty would wear off, but it’s definitely the way to go.

Then it was just a quick descent back into Sutter Creek, an intense right turn, and we were back at the hotel parking lot.

After we repacked the car and changed, we headed to downtown for some ice cream, and played in the playground at bit before driving home.

The kids were really good today. Ruth was much more moderate with her requests, and stayed excited and pleasant all day. She even helped me woohoo on the descents. Max was happy in the trailer, and got at least one good nap in.

On the ride home, Ruth asked when we’d next go for a big bike ride. I take that as a goo sign.