Tour of Napa Valley 2013 100 km

We’ve done this organized ride a couple of times, but this is the first time doing the metric century. We brought Ruth in the trailer, of course, which got us some nice encouragement from other riders.

It was a very hot day, hitting the upper 90s. This made the climbs pretty difficult. There was a SAG car driving up and down the main climb (Ink Grade) offering water and ice to people.

At the lunch stop they had a mist tent going. Ruth had fun running through it.

Towards the end I started loosing steam. Anne took the trailer, which made me very happy.

On the drive back, we stopped for a restroom. While I was waiting for Anne to come back, my leg started cramping really bad. I got out of the car and stood up. When the heat hit me again, I started to feel pretty weak. Anne came out just in time to watch me fall over. I’m still not sure if it was pain causing my leg to give out on me, or if I passed out briefly. Anne says I was talking immediately, though. A passerby came and helped me up. I felt much better, so Anne drove us home.

When we got home I took a long cold shower, which was very nice.

I think we’re done with super hot rides for at least a little while.