Mt Diablo Out and Back

This week was up Mount Diablo. Anne pulled the trailer the whole way up, which really impressed me. Overall, I’d say Mt Diablo is harder than Mt Hamilton. It’s not as tall, but the grade is less steady and definitely gets steeper. There’s a section right before the summit which is 13+%. We walked for that bit.

The weather was cooler than the last couple of rides, which was nice. Above about 2500 feet it was foggy and windy, which wasn’t so great. The fog was thick enough that the pine needles dripped rain onto whatever was below. It was kind of cool to watch the fog roll off the hills and cliffs.

Animal sightings: not much.. some bluebirds, a deer of in the distance, plus some stuffed animals (both real and toys) in the museum/gift shop at the summit.

Next week: Mount Tam to complete our Bay Area mountain trifecta.