Bay Loop, Heat Edition

This ride gets closer to the real thing for this summer’s tour. There wasn’t much climbing, but we had more distance, and Anne carried closer to real touring load.

The Chariot trailers that we’ve always pulled a kid in have doubled as cargo trailers, while I’ve also carried bags front and rear. This summer we won’t be bringing the Chariot, so we need to figure out how to replace the capacity. We bought new panniers and a trunk bag for Anne to carry on the tandem. The trunk held food, and the panniers had some tshirts as a simulated load.

The forecast was for heat, so we tried to get an early start. As usual, we were only partially successful, but we did start rolling before 8.

We meandered our way through Newark and Fremont to get to Paseo Padre and some mild climbs. Max was pretty excited about going fast down hill, though I had a hard time getting him to pedal forwards on the uphill.

In Milpitas we got off the road and onto the Bay Trail. Anne had moved the hitch from her other bike, so could take both kids (Ruth on the tandem, Max in the trailer) to make a long train of awesome.

It started heating up as we worked our way past the landfill and water treatment facilities, which Max declared (accurately) was super stinky.

We hit some construction in Alviso (and borrowed their port-a-potty), but Anne found a way around to the Alviso Marina County Park for a food stop and water refill.

Then it was back on the Bay Trail and the hard packed path between Moffett Field and the bay. The heat continued, but we had a light breeze to help.

Then it was through an office park, where Max’s trailer clipped the curb on a corner of a path, stopping Anne’s bike suddenly. I was a bit ahead and heard an “oomph”. By the time I got back they were all ready to go again. I later heard that the tandem fell over; Ruth managed to hop off like magic, but Anne bumped her leg and chin. She didn’t break the skin, but probably has a bruise by now.

I took Max back and we continued on our merry way, though East Palo Alto. We could see smoke rising up from the trees. As we got closer, we saw fire trucks and the source. There was a grass fire in the field at 84 & University.

The heat continued to rise as we crossed the Dumbarton Bridge and worked our way back home. When we got home the temperature had risen to 93.

The heat got old, but I’m glad we got the miles in. Both kids were cooperative throughout the day. Anne was carrying close to a full touring load. I should probably start doing the same.