Sibley Volcanic Hike

Anne has talked about hiking more often. The park district is doing some kind of promotion if you hike a number of their trails in the year, so we decided to use that as an excuse.

This one, in the Oakland hills, starts at a staging area we’ve used on bike rides. Max started the hike full of complaints of being too tired to walk, but after a bit of sandwich he switched into fun run around mode.

Most of the trail was designated off leash areas for dogs. Many took advantage, with varying amounts of control. Nobody was misbehaving, but our kids don’t like dogs coming near. I don’t really, either, but I have a bit more self regulation.

It’s been rainy for the last few days, so a lot of the path was muddy. For most of it, we could weave our way on higher ground. Max slipped once, but we stayed pretty clean.

We stopped for lunch at a bench overlooking the valley and enjoyed the geologic signage. When we started to loop back, there was a steep paved access road taking us to the valley floor. Then into a more forested section, the Skyline Trail. Following a creek back uphill, we spotted a wrecked car below that looked like it had been there for a while.

The kids were starting to wear out. Anne finally caved and carried Max for the last bit. I reenergized Ruth by racing her up the hill.

All in all, a successful hike. Hiking takes more motivating the kids, since they actually have to move themselves.